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I work as Panther Peak Bindery and am a bookbinder, conservator and instructor working outside Tucson, Arizona for individual and institutional clients across the country. I am a two term President of the Guild of Book Workers, was a Fulbright Scholar, taught at North Bennet Street School for over nine years and was the fastest in my middle school class at running up and down a flight of stairs (really!).



Sunday, January 9, 2011


Here is the first of several videos I'm planning on making. They are not intended to be instructional per se, but just a glimpse of what's involved in binding and conservation.  So, let's call them informational rather than educational.

This first one was done mainly to figure out how to use the camera I got for Christmas, along with how to edit, add audio.... just a practice really. Though I hope you find it interesting and fun. Shocking, even.

These will also be on my second web site:

I think you need iTunes/Quicktime in order to see them on that site.  But this shouldn't have that issue.  Hopefully.

Here it is:

1 comment:

  1. Fascinating! I think my life has been changed with this demonstration of the horninslagningshammar. I'll look forward to more videos!