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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fixor feedback

When I made the large batch of the homemade fixor a few months ago I sent some bottles out to a few friends for them to try.  Though the bottles looked cool in my fridge, it made more sense to pass them around and find out what others thought of the stuff, and whether we all could just not have to buy the weird Fixor that Talas is currently selling.

Today I heard back from Mark Esser, who has finally had a chance to try it.  His comments are:

"I wanted to let you know that I've tried your homemade shellac glair and it works beautifully!

I tooled three side-by-side lines. One was real Fixor diluted 1:3, which is what I've found works best for me (that's 1 part Fixor to 3 parts water). The second line was your glair used straight and the third was your glair diluted 1:1. I regret not trying this experiment before I began tooling my current fine binding. I had anticipated that the best possible result would be equivalence between the commercial Fixor and the homemade, but I actually prefer yours, especially when diluted 1:1. It really is better!"

Mark's "real Fixor" was the liquid, normal Fixor not the gel Fixor I received from them.

This homemade fixor works well for me, but I wanted to know how it was working for others before I was going to be completely confident in the stuff.  When you are from Seattle and see how the Mariners current players don't play anywhere near as well as they did on their previous team, and how their former players tear up the league, it creates a life outlook that is always searching for confirmation and certainty.  Now I think I have it.

Now we can discuss Chone Figgins.  Tino Martinez.  Steve Balboni.  Or not.

Once again, it is worth noting that it is because of  Peter Garrity that we know this recipe.

The recipe and the story behind this episode are in the blog postings listed below.

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