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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Courses for 2012

I've posted classes which I'll be giving during the rest of this year.

When I was thinking of what classes to offer, it occurred to me (perhaps incorrectly) that no one offers classes in limp leather bindings, or single flexible.  Since I enjoy doing those bindings I thought I'd offer them as classes and see if anyone is interested in taking them.

I've come up with a way of making limp leather bindings that are more flexible than the traditional way and wanted an opportunity to share that with students.  Over the past year I've done 3 limp leather bindings, which is more than I ever expected I would.  Two of them were folks who were tired of how bonded leather bindings work.  Or don't.

The single flexible full calf binding class will also include ploughing in boards, which I've obviously done a video about.  It's a great binding.  Part of me thinks I'd like to just do them over and over again.  But then I might get a bit tired of.  Maybe.  Or not.

Also, I'm doing a limp vellum class.  That's the book to the left.  In that class there will also be time for some paper case bindings as well.  Should be fun.

There's also classes on box making, millimeter bindings, and several more.

I'm looking forward to them!

Here's the link:

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