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I work as Panther Peak Bindery and am a bookbinder, conservator and instructor working outside Tucson, Arizona for individual and institutional clients across the country. I am a two term President of the Guild of Book Workers, was a Fulbright Scholar, taught at North Bennet Street School for over nine years and was the fastest in my middle school class at running up and down a flight of stairs (really!).



Sunday, February 26, 2012

Clearly, the right job for me

In honor of the Oscars this evening I offer this life affirming true life experience.

I knew that I was in the right profession when I was watching Beauty and the Beast (animated version, and my favorite Disney animated film, by the way).  I think at the Cheri Theater in Boston, if I remember correctly.

At one point Belle is in the village and drops a book in the mud.  I gasped when she did that.  Loudly, it seems. Loud enough to be laughed at by others in the theater.  Just couldn't help myself.

I was both a bit embarrassed and proud.

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